• August 7, 2020

    Dear Lake George CSD Families and Staff, 

    Governor Andrew Cuomo held a conference call earlier today to provide an update on the state’s COVID-19 response. He announced that he will authorize schools to open for in-person instruction provided that infection rates remain low. 

    In response to phone calls from parents and teachers with questions regarding COVID testing, access to remote learning, and contact tracing if/when a student or teacher is diagnosed, the Governor is requesting school districts to address these concerns with students, families, and faculty. By next week, schools must post:

    • Plan for remote learning - the LGES Virtual Model can be found here, and the Jr.-Sr. High School Virtual Model can be found here
    • Plan for COVID testing – how and when will the district test students and staff – this can in partnership with local health departments. More information will be forthcoming. 
    • Contact tracing - Schools must post their plans for how contact tracing will occur. More information will be forthcoming.  

    In addition, school districts must offer at least three public discussions with parents and teachers (can be held virtually/online) and one additional session for teachers specifically. LGCSD will announce the dates and times of these public discussions next week. 

    Please see the messages from Principal Conway and Principal Cocozza to the right ➡️ 

    Thank you again as we continue to work together through this unprecedented time,

    Lynne Rutnik

  •  Remote Learning Guide

    Click on the image above for Remote Learning information and resources.

  • CDC website