PE Grading

  • Lake George Central School District

    Physical Education Dept.

    Physical Education is required each year by the New York State Department of Education.  Students who receive a passing grade in Physical Education will receive .5 credits towards high school graduation.  2.0 credits are needed to fulfill NYS requirements.

    Each student receives a grade based on their ability to meet the NYS Learning standards as specifically related to the activity that they participate in. 

    Each student participates in two or more different activities each quarter/marking period.  Students grades are calculated based on the following criteria:

    • Social and behavioral responsibility/class participation:   NYS Learning Standard 2
    • Skill Assessments:  NYS Learning Standard 1
    • Skill Application and Strategy:  NYS Learning Standards 1, 2 and 3 
    • Cognitive Knowledge: NYS Learning Standards 1 and 3

    Participation and Social Responsibility Grading Rubric: TOTAL P/SR POINTS: 20

    **A maximum of 4 participation points may be awarded per day.


    4 PTS.

    *Consistently makes excellent use of ability

    *Consistently has an excellent attitude

    *Is consistently a team player

    *Is consistently safe and responsible

    *Is consistently respectful, considerate and kind to others.

    *Consistently is on time to class and completes warm-up



    3 PTS.

    *Usually makes use of ability

    *Usually has a positive attitude

    *Usually is safe and responsible

    *Usually is respectful, considerate and kind to others.

    *Usually is on time to class and completes warm-up


    2 PTS.

    *Occasionally makes use of ability

    *Occasionally a team player

    *Is occasionally safe and responsible

    *Is occasionally respectful, considerate and kind to others.

    *Is unprepared for class and borrows clothing for class.

    *Occasionally is on time to class and completes warm-up


    1 PTS.

    *Rarely participates

    *Is rarely respectful and kind

    *Rarely has a positive attitude

    *Rarely acts in a safe and reliable manner

    *Rarely is on time to class and completes warm-up


    0 PTS.

    *Refuses to participate, or is absent from class

    *Fails to treat others with respect

    *Demonstrates a negative attitude

    *Demonstrates lack of safety and reliability

    *Is unprepared for class and refuses to wear clothing supplied by PE Department.

    * Is late to class and does not complete warm-up



    *Each activity unit has critical skills to assess, each will be assigned points based on skill assessments.




    *A quiz can be given at the conclusion of each activity unit to test cognitive knowledge of activity concepts.



    Grading of Applications: TOTAL APPLICATION POINTS PER UNIT: 12

    APPLICATION OF SKILL & STRATEGY: One’s ability to apply the skills learned to the context of the activity or in an authentic situation.


    APPLICATION OF STRATEGY: One’s ability to apply the learned strategic concepts towards the current activity in order to increase one’s game play.


    APPLICATION OF RULES CONVENTIONS AND SAFETY: One’s ability to apply classroom and game rules while participating in a safe and respectful manner.