Virtual College Visits


    Visiting college campuses is an extremely valuable part of the college selection process. 

    The Spring 2020 coronavirus pandemic, however, has pretty much eliminated opportunities to attend on-campus admissions events and tours.  In response, most campuses have developed virtual events to help prospective students learn more about their campus.  Check college admissions office websites for information about their specific event offerings.

    Even when campuses are open to prospective students, distance, expense, and time limitations can sometimes make it difficult to set foot on campus.  Although they can't provide the same tangible experience as an actual campus visit, online tours can give you a glimpse of the setting and resources offered by particular colleges.

    The websites below allow you to "visit" campuses virtually by providing video tours, interactive photo tours, and other resources.
    For information from The College Board on actual college visits (to prepare for when campuses are once again offering on-campus tours and information sessions), click here.