College Research for Juniors

  • Spring semester of Junior Year is a critical time to lay the groundwork for your junior’s college search and application process.  There are three main topics juniors should be focusing on related to their college planning:  Research, Testing, and Resume.


    College Research

    Gathering information about colleges:

    •  fuels your thinking about different options
    • helps you identify your preferences related to college options (location, majors, settings, campus facilities, etc
    • introduces you to important terminology, timelines, and topics


    It can seem a bit overwhelming at first, but the more time you invest researching, the more confident you’ll become knowing where to find information and what information is most important and meaningful to you.


    Our Advice—Jump Right In using the CollegeBoard’s BigFuture website.


    1.    Go to

    a.     Tip: creating an account allows you to save college lists and much more

    2.     Pick 3 colleges (by name or by performing a criteria-based search) and fill in the table on page 1 of the worksheet listed below.

    a.     Tip:  words in the shaded rows on the worksheet are headings of sections where you’ll find the answers to each question

    3.     Choose one of the 3 colleges you researched and go to its website.  Try to locate answers to the questions found on page 2 of the worksheet listed below.

    a.     College admissions webpages are filled with useful information for the prospective student.  Spend time surfing around; you’re bound to stumble upon helpful information

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