Senior Scholarship Packet



    The LGHS Senior Scholarship Application allows current seniors to apply for multiple scholarships using one application form.  This application is updated and made available each Spring for the upcoming class of graduates.

    Traditionally, the application has been distributed to seniors during a class meeting, and directions are given on how to best complete the application.  For the Class of 2020, the application and directions for completing it have been shared through the Class of 2020 Google Classroom page. Students are strongly encouraged to read through the Descriptions and Instructions Document and to watch the Instructional Video before submitting their Scholarship Application Form, which is a Google Form.


    Some scholarships listed in the application require applicants to complete additional forms in addition to the application itself.  Such additional requirements are listed in the scholarship description.

    Many different scholarship committees review the scholarship applications, beginning after the deadline date listed in the instructions.  Remember, timeliness, neatness, and thoroughness count.

     Class of 2020 Senior Scholarship Application - click to go to the Google Form.

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