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    We have learned to read!  Now we are reading to understand.

Reading Fluency



    Fluency is essential for becoming a good reader.  Fluency is smooth and accurate reading - not fast.  When students read too fast or inaccurately, their comprehension is affected.  We use the Repeated Reading Strategy to improve our students' fluency.  The Repeated Reading Strategy is quick and easy, and can be done at home.


    Repeated Reading Strategy

    • Select a 3-5 sentence paragraph without dialogue
    • Have your child read the paragraph 3 times - slowly, smoothly and accurately
    • Ask your child what the passage was about to ensure comprehension

Sight Words




    Having a large sight word vocabulary is necessary to becoming a strong reader.  Sight Word Cards can and should be used with students of all ages.  Here in the Reading Center, all of our students have sight word piles.  Once they have read a word correctly five times, the word comes off the pile.  Their known words go into a pile to save.  Seeing this pile of known words grow really excites the students!  When your child doesn't know a word when reading at home, you can write it on an index card and have them work on it.  They can show you how!


    Sight Words

    • Write unknown words on an index card (we cut cards in half)
    • Have your child bring the card to school


    • Clip your child's words together or put them in a baggie
    • Take the cards out every couple of days
    • Have your child read the words to you
      • Words read correctly go into an "I Know" pile
      • Words read incorrectly go into a "I Don't Know" pile
    • Put a check mark on the back of the words in the "I Know" pile 
    • Have your child read through the "I Don't Know" pile again
    • Once words have 5 checkmarks on them, they can go into a pile of known words to save
    • Watch the saved "5 checkmark" pile grow!!


  • ~Mrs. Deb Quillinan, Reading Teacher Grades 4-6