What is the purpose of Banana Splits Groups in school?



    What Is Banana Splits?

     Banana Splits is a school-based children's group program for students who have experienced parental divorce or death. Established in 1978 by social worker Liz McGonagle, Banana Splits now supports children, parents, and teachers in schools across the country and around the world.

     The purposes are:

    • to provide a safe place to express feelings
    • to normalize feelings through sharing
    • to train children in problem solving and coping skills
    • to increase self esteem through mutual help
    • to support parents and school staff in working with Splits kids
    • to increase communication among children, parents, and school

     Activities teach children of divorced or deceased parents how to help themselves and each other. By creating a supportive community, Banana Splits aims to counteract the day to day impact of divorce and parental loss on teenagers and young children.