Primary Project

  • Primary Project at LGES

    Primary Project is a national evidence-based program that helps children in Kindergarten through 2nd Grade adjust to school, gain   confidence, social skills, and focus on learning. Through play,Primary Project addresses children’s school adjustment difficulties and increases their chances for success.

    Project Assist has been an important part of our school for nearly 30 years, and has helped many generations of children successfully adjust to school. 

    At LGES we understand that all children grow and develop at their own  unique pace and their individual needs are varied. Some young children  experience challenges in their school adjustment, and may benefit from  additional support to help them move past their challenges and feel  comfortable in school. Project Assist offers this support.

    Although all students could benefit from this program, space is limited.  The Project team works with classroom teachers and parents to invite  students who could most benefit from extra support to cope with  school  adjustment. Referrals are accepted by teachers and parents of  children in grades K – 2. Students who are invited and have received parent  permission, meet with a trained Child Associate, who works  under the  supervision of a school mental health professional. 


    Mrs. Ann Moellman LMSW is the supervisor and coordinator of Project Assist, and

    Mrs. Lynsey Whiting is the Child Associate.


    Playroom sessions last 30 minutes and happen once in a 6 - day cycle. Our playroom is located in the  Primary Cluster. The playroom is equipped with toys, games and craft materials. The atmosphere is accepting and comfortable. Children can play, create, talk or just sit quietly. The child is free to use this time in the way they choose. The Child Associate follows the lead of the child. Children can learn to clarify and express their feelings, build confidence in social skills, and increase self - esteem.


    Parents who would like more information about Primary Project can contact Mrs. Moellman by email or phone 668 - 5714.