Board Goals

  • Board Goals 2021-2022 


    The board will demonstrate a commitment to improved collaborative processes through committee efficacy

    • Implement defined charges for all board committees
    • Clearly define roles of board level committee members
    • Review District Level Committees’ charges 
    • Review district implementation of Shared Decision Making Plan


    Support district efforts to improve stakeholder engagement and successful exchange of information 

    • Establish expectations for two-way communication 
    • Examples include Code of Conduct and Shared Decision Making
    • Streamline communication platforms 
    • Improve user-friendly access to important forms and notices

    Board Development 

    The board will engage in ongoing professional development with a focus on

    • Advocacy - through a customized board workshop and increased involvement in the NYSSBA delegate role.
    • SEL - through attendance at NYSSBA workshops
    • DEI through attendance at  NYSSBA workshops